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6 Cities You Need to Visit in 2017

6 Cities You Need to Visit in 2017

From Denmark to Japan to Canada, here are 6 Beautiful Cities You Need to Visit in 2017. Get lost as you explore historic castles and temples. Learn more about who we are and where we come from when you visit some of the best and most interesting museums in the world in these six cities.

Aarhus, Denmark. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Aarhus, Denmark

The second largest city in Denmark and a 2017 European Capital of Culture, Aarhus is full of chill vibes, amazing history, and beautiful art. Originally founded as a Viking settlement, it quickly gained ‘market town’ privileges which allowed it to thrive and establish itself as a center of trade in the region. It is now the youngest city in Denmark with 25% of its population under 18 and has a thriving art scene.

Notable Attractions Include : The Old Town, ARoS Kunstmuseum (art museum), Moesgard Museum (museum of human evolution), Women’s Museum, Viking Museum, Kunsthal Aarhus (contemporary arts center), Mindeparken, and much more.



Valetta, Malta. 6 Places to Visit in 2017

Valetta, Malta

Founded by the Knights Hospitaller, Valetta contains some of the best-preserved examples of Baroque architecture. Because of its’ strategic location, the rulers of Malta have continually added defensive fortifications around the island, many of which still survive today including Medieval fortresses and walls. In sharp contrast, the city center is filled with beautiful historic churches and palaces decorated with gold and stunning frescoes.

Notable Attractions Include :  St John’s Co-Cathedral, Hagar Qim, Casa Rocca Piccola, Fort Rinella, Fort St. Angelo, St.Paul’s Catacombs, the Valetta Waterfront, and much more.



Kyoto, Japan. 6 Cities You Need to Visit in 2017.

Kyoto, Japan

The historic and cultural heart of Japan for over 1000 years, Kyoto continues to amaze everyone who visits with its historic temples, castles, and architecture. Retrace the history of Japan in this beautiful city as you visit Shinto and Buddhist temples and immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Kyoto’s canaled streets are especially beautiful, with traditional Japanese houses lining each side and paper lanterns lighting up the night.

Notable Attractions Include : Kiyomizu-Dera(temple), Katsura Imperial Villa(garden), Ponto-Cho (traditional Japanese street), Nijo Castle, Fushimi Inari-Taisha(shrine), the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and much more.



New Orleans, USA. 6 Cities You Need to Visit in 2017. Travel and Streetwear Blog by Nomad New York.

New Orleans, USA

Founded by French colonists during the 19th century, New Orleans today is known for its beautiful French and Spanish colonial architecture, delicious food, Jazz,  and famous annual Mardi Gras festival. Because the city was not annexed into the United States until many years after the American revolution, the city retains much of its' colonial influence including its' architecture and city planning. This mix of American, French, and Spanish influence gave birth to delicious foods such as Shrimp Gumbo, Po’ Boy, Oysters Rockefeller as well as American Jazz music. The city continues to celebrate its unique history with events such as Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Notable Attractions Include: The French Quarter, Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, Aquarium of the Americas, Mardi Gras World, City Park, Preservation Hall, and much more.



Porto, Portugal. 6 Cities You Need to Visit in 2017. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Porto, Portugal

The city of Porto is a breathtakingly beautiful and historic place located on the westernmost edge of Europe, overlooking the Atlantic. Porto is filled with beautiful cathedrals dating over 600 years old, medieval forts, palaces,  and historical streets. Because of its close proximity to the ocean, visitors can also visit the beach and see the Atlantic ocean. Porto is also home to many traditional Portuguese dishes such as Francesinha, Port Wine, and many more. Porto won “European Best Destination” in 2012 and 2014.

Notable Attractions Include : Clerigos Church, Palacio da Bolsa, Church of Sao Francisco, Clerigos Church, Casa da Musica, Porto Cathedral, Soares dos Reis National Museum, Fort of Sao Francisco, and much more.



Quebec City, Canada. 6 Cities You Need to Visit in 2017. Travel and Streetwear Blog by Nomad New York.

Quebec City, Canada 

One of the earliest European settlements in the Americas, Quebec is a very unique city containing magnificent French colonial architecture, beautiful churches, and amazing parks. It’s also the only place in the North America where French is the official language. It’s close proximity to the United States brings in many visitors each year and all who visit are taken away by its beauty, heritage, and unique culture. The city is truly unlike any other in North America.

Notable Attractions Include: Citadelle of Quebec, Chateau Frontenac, the Parliament Building, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, the Musée de la civilisation, and much more.



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