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5 Influencers to Follow for Instant Better Style

Looking for style inspiration? Following these 5 Instagrammers will instantly boost your style. From basics to designer labels to the rarest shoes, get inspired and be the best-dressed guy in your city.
Federico Schwartz's Instagram Page. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Based out of Milan, Federico is the master of sporty and creative fits. His outfits usually include a statement piece, whether it be a tee or a jacket as well as a pair of the rarest shoes. All his shots feature different outfits and he always has the newest gear. His feed is a constant source of inspiration for style, art, and the avant-garde. If you’re ever wondering how to wear that killer statement piece, Federico will show you how.

LDN2HK's instagram page. Travel and streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

LDN2HK’s feed consists of everything you wish you had. Follow his journey around the world as you explore exclusive pop-ups, the best concept stores, great views, and dope fits. LDN2HK shows you how to rock designer gear without being tacky. He also breaks down each outfit for you in outfit grids so you can see exactly how he put it together. Like a true Nomad, he’s always traveling, being the best-dressed guy in every city he visits.

MattKS's instagram page. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

MattKS’s outfits are spot on.  He knows how to incorporate color in his fits while looking great. Whether it be a blue flannel with a black fit or graphic tees with ripped jeans, MattKS shows us layering done right. He also breaks down each outfit for us so we can do it ourselves. What’s so great about his shots is his attention to detail. Whether it be a hidden zipper or stylized seams, there’s always something new to notice in his pictures.

LuxeLuce00's Instagram Page. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Content curator and social media strategist, Luxeluce’s shots are truly one of a kind. Whether it be mid-air or mid-stride, he’ll always have you wanting for more. Not only are his shots amazing, but his outfits are also as well. With a great wardrobe and limited edition kicks, luxe lace shows you how to perfect the ‘casual cool’ look.


Nicholas.Case's Instagram Page. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Based out of Philadelphia, Nicholas Case’s shots pairs new up and coming labels with established streetwear giants. He’ll pair Yeezy’s or Daniel Patrick’s with hoodies and tees you’ve never seen before for new, exciting, and killer outfits. Not only that, his shots look like they’re straight out of a Hollywood movie. With new outfits and brands every day, you never know what’s coming next.




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