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Explore The World From Your Computer

Explore The World From Your Computer

Instagram lets you see beautiful travel pictures from your phone but it will never come close to actually traveling. It's impossible to capture the true vibe of a city from pictures alone. Every city sounds, smells, and feels different. That's what makes the experience of actually traveling so hard to replicate.
Youtuber Kees Colijn's videos help us get as close to that experience as possible. He travels the world and records himself exploring the city centers, side streets, and main attractions. You can hear and see all the things that make a city unique ; the different birds chirping, conversations in foreign languages, the traffic, how busy it is, etc.
I came across his Youtube channel a week ago and absolutely fell in love with his videos. He's made many videos in various cities including Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, New Delhi, and many more. You can check out his channel here.

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