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How To Grow And Stay The Same Shape

How To Grow And Stay The Same Shape

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Don’t miss Claudia Comte’s solo show “How to Grow and Still Stay the Same Shape” at @castellorivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea. The large-scale museum exhibition has been drafted by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Marianna Vecellio and is on view until February 23. ———————————————————- Starting from the observation of nature and its changing patterns, the artist creates large-scale environmental installations that embody the world from the perspective of a form of consciousness primarily shaped through the digital experience. Examining current issues such as climate change, ecology and global pollution, her work also narrates the memory of materials and the wisdom of art and craft. These large installations represent the main group of Comte’s works, but her work also includes sculpture and painting, as well as extensive multimedia installations. All the projects by the Swiss artist share a series of rules, as well as reference points, which clearly link one work to another in the conception phase. From this process, her works combine a rigid method with a dynamic approach characterized by a minimalist attitude at the same time. ——————————————————- @ClaudiaComte #ClaudiaComte #HowtoGroandStillStaytheSameShape #CastelloriRivoli #königgalerie #königartists #königexhibitions

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How do you grow and still stay the same shape?

That's what Claudio Comte's new art exhibit at the Castel di Rivioli aims to answer. Titled "How to grow and still stay the same shape", this exhibition plays is inspired by the location of the gallery itself. Il Castello di Rivioli (Castle of Rivioli) is in a  morainic amphitheater;  an accumulation of boulders that form a glacier. She deeply studied the movements created by glaciers and recreate the patterns through her life-size exhibition

-Kevin Tung


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