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The Importance of Pantones

The Importance of Pantones

Pantone Color Guide, choosing colors for Nomad Fall Winter 2020
Just a quick 'behind-the-scenes' shot of my Pantone guide. I took this photo while choosing the colors for our Fall / Winter 2020 collection. Every designer knows how important color guides (including Pantone) are to communicating color & maintaining standards. 

What are Pantones used for?
Pantones are used for communicating the exact color standard the designer wants for his project. If he tells a manufacturer he wants to use "blue" color, the manufacturer has the liberty to practically choose any blue color they want as you only specified blue. But if you give the manufacturer the code "PANTONE 18-4252 TPG Blue Aster", he then knows exactly what shade of blue you want and has no excuse not to deliver on that standard. Color standards are essential in creating a cohesive color story.

-Kevin Tung


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