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Nomad Daily Feature: Sarah Crowner

Nomad Daily Feature: Sarah Crowner

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Installed in our viewing rooms is an exciting new project of silkscreen works on paper by Sarah Crowner. In August 2019, Crowner was the Artist in Residence at the Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva. During the program, Crowner worked in Rauschenberg’s former studio with access to his assistants and printmaking equipment, plus the usage of his original screens, inks, paints, and his special linen silkscreen paper, all of which was employed to create this project. After discovering a book on Japonisme, found in the Captiva library, Crowner focused her attention on an image of a tiger, appropriated from a 1893 artwork by Paul Ranson, who was one of the members of the Paris-based Nabis movement (along with Bonnard, Vuillard, and Vallotton). Crowner was originally attracted to the flatness of the diagonal lines, graphic patterning, and the way in which the tiger is absorbed by the background. The image additionally possessed an equality of positive and negative spaces, and through the process of screen-printing, Crowner reversed the negative and the positive of the tiger’s stripes. This resulted in the work’s ability to contemplate new color relationships and explore how the colors vibrate when in juxtaposition, in correlation with Crowner’s painting practice. Each silkscreen is unique - they share the same image, but depict an individual color combination and have been printed with a variation of gouache and acrylic on paper and linen paper. #sarahcrowner #tigers #silkscreen #acrylic #paulranson #nabis #japonisme #rauschenbergresidency #captivaisland

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Double Tigers 2019

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The Nomad Daily Feature for today is artist Sarah Crowner and her beautiful tiger silkscreen! Easily one of the coolest tigers designs I've ever seen. The design's curvy and free-flowing lines create so much movement, it's almost as if the tiger is moving. The detail in the grass and flowers around the tigers give it another layer of depth and the trees help balance and frame the piece. 

Sarah, I think a hoodie and t-shirt with this print would look amazing and I would love to help make that happen.

-Kevin Tung



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