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Spring/Summer 2017 : Inspiration

Spring/Summer 2017 : Inspiration

Nomad New York Travel and Streetwear Blog. Spring Summer 2017 Inspiration - Netherlands.
For Spring/Summer 2017 we look to the Netherlands for inspiration. Famous for it’s canals, Van Gogh, orange, tulips, windmills, cheese, bicycles, wooden shoes, and delft blue pottery, we take a look at the key inspirations that will be the driving force behind our Spring/Summer 2017 collection.


Netherlands Tulips. Inspiration for Spring/Summer 2017. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

One of the most defining icons of the Netherlands, the tulip fields of the Netherlands are a breathtaking sight. We are especially inspired by the layouts of the fields and the various colors used. We plan on using these tulip fields as inspiration for graphic geometric prints.


Dutch Orange. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Since the country’s founding by William I, Prince of Orange-Nassau, the color has been symbolically married to the country’s identity. During Koningsdag, a holiday celebrating the king’s birthday, people dress themselves head to toe in orange, as well as paint their “cars, rooms, houses, shops and even entire streets in orange”.

Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Arguably the most famous Dutch painter of all time, Van Gogh offers a different perspective on life through his paintings. The Van Gogh museum is located in Amsterdam, featuring some of his greatest masterpieces. We will use some of his paintings on various styles including tees and hoodies.


Amsterdam Canals - Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

Because much of the Netherlands was built on marshes, the Dutch had to learn to use the terrain to their advantage if they wanted to thrive. This lead to an intricate canal system in and between most Dutch cities, creating both a medieval superhighway and a beautiful urban design element. We want to replicate the chill vibes the canals give the city in our Spring/Summer.


Dutch Windmills. Travel and Streetwear Blog by Nomad New York.

Windmills have become so iconic to the Netherlands that the country officially made May 9 and 10 National Mill Day. Many windmills were constructed in medieval Netherlands to increase the production of the country. Interestingly, the sails can be used to convey different messages. An example being that signal sails were used to warn locals against the impending Nazi invasions during World War 2.


Bicycles in Amsterdam. Travel and Streetwear blog by Nomad New York.

One of the most bike -friendly countries in the world, the Netherlands have embraced biking like no other country. Roughly 30% of the population use it as their main source of transportation. There are bike roads for every car road as well as bike only roads. Bikes are able to skip busy rush hour traffic as well as go into the medieval centers of many towns. Bicycles in the Netherlands can be carried on trains and ferries. There are also national bike routes, perfect for exploring the entire country.

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