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The New "Stamped Shirts" Collection

The New "Stamped Shirts" Collection

Inspired by postal stamps, this five-piece capsule collection of premium T-shirts features popular world cities with a postage stamp design.

The shirts pay homage to iconic monuments including the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, St.Peter's Basilica, and Hiroshima Castle.

All made-to-order by local artisans in Manhattan.

Nomad Creative Works Stamped Shirts Collection Catalog, Flat Lay Pictures

"I was originally inspired by Skepta's album art for Konnichiwa. When I saw the album cover, it reminded me of the significance of stamps and postcards in the history of travel. They were like DM's before social media. Because stamps are very specific to their locality, they became highly collectible. Showing off your stamp collection was a way to show off how international you were. I used this idea on a range of t-shirts to merge the concepts of the traveling letter and contemporary fashion." says creative director Kevin Tung.


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