What Is A Nomad?

Nomad Creative Works at the Louvre

A Nomad is someone who loves to travel. Someone who believes nowhere is too far; embraces the unknown; explores the unexplored; & believes that adventure is always worthwhile.

Our mission is to spread the love of travel through thoughtfully designed apparel and accessories. We want our items to inspire people to travel the world; to connect, share, and experience other cultures and ways of life. Our designs are characterized by clean colors, simple but bold graphics, and inspirational quotes, with the spirit of travel bringing it all together.

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Here's what we stand for:

Quality Over Quantity

Nomad Creative Works Styling

Design should be timeless and reflect the wearer's personality. Every item we design is made to help you stylishly and fashionably spread the love of travel. Unlike touristy souvenir tees that scream "ITALY" in your face, we take a more refined approach. Our designs allow you to subtly but boldly spread the love of travel while looking classy and stylish. Whether it be our signature Nomad stamp label or a phrase like "Nowhere Is Too Far", we're always trying to strike the perfect balance between form and function.


Made Ethically in the USA

Nomad Creative Works Made to Order

Every item we deliver is made to order in the USA. That means we only make things once an order is placed. This helps us avoid the plague of the fashion industry - excess inventory that causes massive environmental damage from overproduction. Not only is everything made to order, they're all ethically and responsibly in the USA. Our employees are paid fairly and treated with dignity and respect. Every item is made for you with care and attention to detail.


Made To Last


All our fabrics are pre-washed and treated to ensure minimal shrinking and fading. Although shrinking and fading ultimately depends on how the garment is washed, we've taken all the precautions to ensure that our garments retain their qualities, even after hundreds of washes. Most garments shrink drastically the first time they are washed. By pre-washing our garments in production we remove most shrinking and pass on that benefit to you in the final product. We also use a special treatment that seals in all the colors after printing to ensure that prints remain crisp and sharp even after hundreds of washes.


Make The World A Better Place


Every purchase at Nomad helps save people and animals. We believe that was. a brand, we have a social responsibility to our community and the world. In order to help make the world a better place, we currently donate 10% of all proceeds to the American Red Cross & World Wildlife Fund.


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