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About us



Do you love to travel? Do you love the excitement of exploring new places, trying new foods, learning about different cultures, and seeing the world through your own eyes? We do. We believe that what you wear reflects who you are, your personality, and ambitions. That's why we were disappointed when we wanted shirts to show off our travels and adventures. The only shirts we found were overpriced, tacky, uninspired tees from the souvenir shops (if you travel, you've definitely seen these before). We want to look cool and stylish like you came back from an amazing journey halfway across the world, not like some tourists who spent 10hrs a day on a bus to just get off and take pictures.

That's why we started Nomad Creative Works. To create travel-themed shirts and accessories that embody your love for adventure and travel. Your clothes should represent who and what you are. Your clothes should embody what you love - freedom, curiosity, and adventure. And that's what being a Nomad is all about -- curiosity, freedom, and love for adventure.