About us

- Our Mission -

To help you express your love for travel and adventure by creating beautiful, high-quality clothes inspired by the world. 

- Who We Are -

The premier destination for premium travel themed tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and accessories. Look and feel like a Nomad ; a stylish globetrotter always on the cutting edge of fashion and culture.

Love to travel but hate tacky tourist apparel?

We believe what you wear should express who you are. That’s why we use premium and high tech fabrics like soft combed cotton jersey and poly tech-fleece. From the office to the party, New York to Tokyo, our styles will leave you with the confidence of someone who’s just scaled Mt.Everest.

Conquer your world with Nomad New York. 


- Our Story -

Nomad NY Story

Founded in 2016, we started with a mission to tell the stories and experiences of travel through apparel and accessories. Travelling is very dear to us and everyone's travel experience is unique. Those who've traveled can share experiences those haven't simply don't understand - arriving in a foreign city, the vast sights and smells, completely foreign writing, etc. We want to retell these unique stories and experiences through clothing that's stylish and high-quality. Elevate your style with our graphic tees and essentials. Stand out and seize the day.

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